Rōmb Smart Backpack

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Perfect for roaming near and far.

  • Soft lambskin-style leatherette is comfortable, professional, and waterproof
  • Expands to a bucket bag if you need more space
  • Padded laptop sleeve and two inner pockets
  • Comes with high-capacity power bank and 3way universal charging cord so you never run out of power.
  • $1 of each sale supports renewable energy in more than 20 countries through programs by the Solar Energy Light Fund
*manufacturer stated capacity; tested for 3-4 full charges of average cell phone battery
**Concrete Grey is calfskin-style leatherette
Concrete Grey
Pigeon Blue
Traffic Grey
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Romb Smart Backpack Features Infographic

Included Smart Tech

  • Battery Included: 20,000 mAh is the manufacturer-stated capacity. *This battery has been tested to be good for 3-4 full charges of an average phone battery, with months of idle standby time. At that rate, you can confidently leave your battery inside the internal pocket, knowing you’ll have the power when you need it. An LED digital display shows an accurate percentage of charge left so you have plenty of warning before it is time to recharge. Includes an onboard light for inner bag exploration and a second output to charge another device simultaneously.
  • Universal Power Cord: Our 3way power cord has a connector for micro USB, lightning, and USB type C. This means that all types of phones (iphone, android, etc), tablets, bluetooth headphones and accessories, and newer Macbook and Surface laptops are compatible with a single cord. Comes braided for convenience, but can be unbraided to use all three connections separately and simultaneously to charge multiple devices.

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Additional information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 5 in

Concrete Grey, Pigeon Blue, Traffic Grey

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2 reviews for Rōmb Smart Backpack

  1. Avatar

    “Castro” Bob

    I’ve been using this bag (in dark grey) for around two weeks, and it’s been great! The bag comfortably fits a laptop, notebook, water bottle, and wallet, so it’s perfect as a day bag. It’s made of vegan leather, which is buttery and soft– and the design is super versatile and cute. No exterior pockets or pouches, though. The portable charger is also incredibly useful.

  2. Avatar

    kindle customer

    In love with this bag – it can fit SO much, it’s really stylish and great for every day use. Can use it for work, gym, and it’s deep enough that it can also be used as a weekend bag!!

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